The Datsun Go Special for R1 999 p/m For A Limited Time


GO DATSUN GO Special !!

So, because of Datsun GO’s best-in-class cabin length, your drive has never been this comfortable. This Datsun Go Special may just be your best chance saving money.


GO Inside

There for the generous space allows you to be relaxed and furthermore the lavishly cushioned seats make the journey a pleasure. There is more then enough space load a bunch of friends and go down to the beach for the day. Not to mention the ample boot space which is more than enough for the cooler box and more

There are noteworthy details that draw out the simple yet flamboyant nature of the Datsun which adds to its driving experience.

Examining the striking tone of silver, the refined dip of the dash that speaks elegance for itself. The arm-length gear lever that makes driving in any situation a painless and effortless. The innovative ergonomic door handles , all play part in the vibrant experience


GO Assured With Datsun

Datsun assures global quality standards , united with roots embedded so deeply into out Japanese DNA that it strikes the heart of our opponents. ensuring that everyone gets only the best of the best . Although the GO is still relatively new to us in South Africa, you receive the benefits from the trade-leading support of Nissan Motors worldwide expertise. Only the latest of engineering, styling and manufacturing process.


GO Do It Your Way

Datsun understands that every driver wants to customize and feel comfortable in their own car. That’s why Datsun Go offers a large variety of accessories to suit your needs. Whether you want stylish decals or a trendy spoiler, roof rails to branded seat covers, the list just goes on. Speak to your dealership about the wide range that we offer, who knows? Maybe you fall in love with the sporty alloy wheels

GO On… And Don’t Worry

Not only do you save money once you own a Datsun Go, but you also have guaranteed peace of mind that you have the Best-In-Class of Total Ownership

Compared in its class against other models, the labor cost, selected service parts and accessories, up to 45000km and 90000km services, the Datsun GO WON

Offering the Most affordable parts and maintenance cost. That’s how this Dutsun was engineered and built from the word GO. With extremely low fuel consumption and the 3Year/100 000km warranty. And you can be assured that your ownership cycle of your GO will be a nuisance-free and affordable experience

Contact Atlantis Datsun by filling in this contact form or call 0764559427 for details on the Datsun Go Special.

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