Engen Audi in the GTC Africa Championship

Audi South Africa is teaming up with longtime Audi envoy, Terry Moss Racing, under the official team name of Engen Audi.

“It is great to see that Audi South Africa has officially come on board in our winning outfit”, explained racing legend and team owner, Terry Moss. “It’s an encouraging accomplishment to have the manufacturer re-joining our team and it will increase our ability to defend our title for the third consecutive time in 2018.”

Current reigning and undefeated GTC Africa champion, Michael Stephen (37), is leading the team in the number 1 Audi A3. As the Engen Audi team engineer, he is reckoned to be the title favourite again and is considered to be one of the most seasoned drivers in the South African racing fraternity.

Engen partners with the Terry Moss Racing Team in the Global Touring Car (GTC) championship. Production Car racing is an exceptionally tough test of performance and endurance, placing extraordinary stress and pressure on the vehicle under extreme conditions, which sees Engen’s advanced Primax Unleaded fuel and Xtreme Lubricants perform at their optimum.

Engen Xtreme Racing is represented by drivers Michael Stephen and Simon Moss in the GTC championship. Stephen is three-time national champion having won the now-defunct National Production Car series in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Stephen and Moss compete in Audi A3 2.0 motor vehicles.