Ford Ranger Raptor “Tougherer Than Everer”

The Ford Ranger Raptor has set the benchmark in the off-road pickup capability with the all new Ford Ranger Raptor. Included are Fox Racing Shocks to help travel at high speeds on  off-road terrain ,the Raptor comes standard with increased ride height and wider track. Not to mention the improved approach and departure angles that ensure extreme off-road ability and stability

To get that rear axle lateral stability on the off-road and improved handling , the Ranger Raptor comes with the unorthodox, all-new , wait for it… Watt’s linkage rear suspension with rear springs.

The Ranger Raptors incredible 2.0liter Bi-Turbo diesel engine combined with a 10 speed transmission proved strength and durability through extensive testing.  Closer gear ratios as well as smooth torque and power through independent turbos. Unbeatable combination

The rear comes with a modified bumper with a unified tow-bar an two recovery hooks measured to pull  3800kg

Inside we have artistry at the highest levels blending durable materials and compatible colours  no to mention the suede flowing over specially designed seats. These seats are  specially  designed  for the off-road letting you drive with enthusiasm  as well as giving you a comfy on-road experience.

There are Modes… Everyone loves playing with the mode settings.

On-Road Modes

Ø  Normal Mode

Ø  Sport Mode

Off-Road Modes

Ø  Grass/Gravel/Snow Mode

Ø  Mud/Sand Mode

Ø  Rock Mode (Does not change into Dwayne Johnson)

Ø  Baja Mode

That last one seems insane to play with.


With cutting edge technology the Ford Ranger Raptor comes with everything you need and a lot more offering more toque and power, less weight, better fuel consumption and specific off-road calibrations for the transmission, engine, driveline, brakes, steering and the  Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system

The new Ford Ranger Raptor has really built on Fords heritage of “Built Tougherer”  and made Ford proud