Renault KWID Taking The Entry Level Market By Storm

The Renault KWID AMT is an SUV-inspired hatch which has just stormed in and taken the market. And who can blame the customers for wanting one?This vehicle has been designed to give the driver and the passengers a more spacious and comfortable experience.

Since its launch late in 2016, an impressive 10,000 cars have been sold, which is way over what Renault was expecting. Furthermore, the Renault KWID proudly took 3rd place in the top-10 best-selling passenger vehicle in December 2017, with an incredible 1,120 cars sold.
Along with the already existing Expression and the Dynamic, now comes the AMT which is sure to be aspiring

Not only is the KWID packed with safety features, but is styled with modern interior and technologies that seem to come from some futuristic time. But it doesn’t just look cool. It is cool because it makes driving simpler and even MORE safe for the driver.

The Tech

Staying connected has never been so simple with the MediaNav® navigation/multimedia system. Innovation at its best. With a massive 18cm touch screen displaying everything the driver needs. The multimedia system is loaded with all kinds of functions such as, Bluetooth, which allows audio streaming and hands-free-calling. It has built-in navigation. Obviously, you can imagine USB and AUX-input ports, including volume sensing control.

It literally feels like you are driving an SUV without all the bulgy blind spots. However, you get that sporty kind feel on the interior. The height adjustable seats ensure you get to feel as comfortable as you can. Speaking of comfortability, the amount of space the KWID offers is astounding. You cannot get more comfortability in a car than having space.

The New Renault KWID AMT has advanced novel Easy-R technology and a comprehensive 5-speed AMT gearbox. This design makes driving effortless. By simply turning the dial, you select either Drive, Neutral or Reverse. This in turns means no gear lever. (only available in automatic)

The compact 1.0- litre 3-cylinder Smart Control efficiency (SCe) engine powering the KWID models has been optimized for power and performance and pushes out peak power of 50kW @ 5 500 rpm and maximum torque of 91Nm @ 4 250 rpm.