Experience the all new Volkswagen Polo GTI

GTI front styling. The front features of the Volkswagen Polo GTi include an independent bumper with spoiler lip and fog lights these all come standard. The signature red stripe in the grill. There is optional LED headlights with a red winglet.

GTI rear section. Black is a stylistic element here; its been part of the car since 1976. This time it’s the enlarged, two-piece roof spoiler of the new Polo GTI that is painted in black. Other characteristics at the back include a high-gloss black diffuser and the chrome dual tailpipes of the exhaust system on the left-hand side. Found in a direct line above the tailpipes are the GTI signature on the boot lid.

GTI side profile.  On the car’s flanks are the newly designed 17-inch ‘Milton Keynes’ alloy wheels. The inner areas of the wheels are in black. They are colour coordinated on the sides with the matt black sill extensions of the Voklswagen Polo GTI. For the first time you can order with 18-inch wheels. Regardless of which of the two wheel types is installed, the red painted brake calipers of the powerful brake system are always well visible. Located on the front wings at the end of the eye-catching three-dimensional tornado line design feature is the red and chrome coloured GTI badge.

GTI colours. There are car colours, and then there are typical GTI colours. On the Volkswagen Polo GTI, the latter include the body colours Pure White, Flash Red and Deep Black Pearl Effect. In addition, the sportiest Polo can also be ordered in Reef Blue Metallic.

GTI interior. The highlight of every GTI is its customized interior. Black, red, grey and chrome dominate visually here. Everything that is not upgraded with red, grey or chrome is always finished in black (trim colour: Titan Black). Therefore, the roof pillars and roof lining are also black. The top sport seats, which are ergonomic for practically any driver stature, feature Art Velour upholstery. Black leather upholstery with seat heating is available as an option. Also exclusively coordinated for the GTI are the decors of the dash panel, center console and door trims. The dash panel can be ordered in Deep Iron Metallic or Velvet Red; meanwhile the instruments in the upper dash area are always finished in black.

GTI engine and driving performance.   In recent times the GTI has always been powered by high torque turbocharged engines. In the case of the new Polo GTI, it is a two-liter direct-injection petrol engine with an output of 147 kW.  The new Volkswagen Polo GTI will be represented in the 2.0-litre turbo class. The GTI unit delivers its maximum power between 4,400 and 6,000 rpm. This power plant of the third generation EA888 engine series transmits its maximum torque of 320 Nm to the front wheels at a low 1,500 rpm; this high torque figure stays constant up to a speed of 4,400 rpm – giving the GTI engine a torque curve that is hardly traditional; it features an extremely sporty torque plateau.

GTI running gear. The  Volkswagen Polo GTI is offered with two different running gear configurations. It is based on a sport suspension; while the optional ‘Sport Select’ suspension with active dampers is available as an option. Like all Polo models, the GTI is also equipped with electromechanical power steering and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Also on-board is the XDS differential lock, which further refines traction when cornering quickly.

Basic configuration. The 147kW Polo, which like all GTI cars features front-wheel drive, has coil spring struts and lower wishbones with a track-stabilizing scrub radius. The front running gear additionally features an anti-roll bar. The front suspension consists of coil springs with telescopic gas-filled dampers; the elements are integrated in the spring struts. The rear running gear consists of a semi-independent twist-beam suspension with an integrated anti-roll bar. Gas-filled dampers and separate springs provide optimal suspension at the rear.

Sport suspension. The Polo GTI is the only model of the series to be delivered with a sport suspension as standard. The configuration includes special tuning of the springs, auxiliary springs, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars with the body lowered by 15 mm.

,Sport Select’ suspension and driving profile selection. The new Polo can also be optionally configured with the ,Sport Select’ suspension. The driver can vary the characteristic of the active dampers; and one of the two modes – Normal or Sport – can be activated with the driving profile selection that is included as standard in the Polo GTI. The driving profile selection itself offers four modes: Normal, Sport, Eco and Individual. Driving profile selection enables the driver to make individual adjustments, within a defined scope, that have direct effects on vehicle handling. Along with its effects on the ,Sport Select’ suspension, the profile that is selected also modifies the steering, engine characteristic and gearbox control.

New Active Info Display (optional). The new Polo, and thus the Polo GTI too, are launching as the first Volkswagen and first Volkswagen Group models to feature a new generation of the Active Info Display. Volkswagen interface designers have systematically advanced the next generation of the Active Info Display (10.25-inch display diagonal) and have elevated its high-quality graphics (133 dpi / resolution 1,280 x 480 pixels) and functional range to new levels. As a result, the display offers better graphic performance, higher pixel density, greater brightness and contrast, more intense colours and fewer conventional indicator lamps.